Serge Lutens Chêne (2004)

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  1. odysseusm
    Thanks Scent Detective!
    I actually think Chene is a marvellous scent. It is the only Serge Lutens scent I really like. As with so many of his line, it is rich. However, this one is not excessively sweet.
    I find it to be really really woody -- a walk in the forest in the cool dark afternoon. The sun outside the forest is warm, but inside the forest it is cool, damp and aromatic.
    The undergrowth note is very well done -- earthy, invigorating like freshly-turned earth. Not especially oaky, although there is the vanilla tone / balsamic note of toasted oak barrels (the oak note in some red wine). Great longevity!
  2. Scent Detective
    Scent Detective
    Okay, as I mentioned, I wore Chene again in an attempt to give it a fair assessment. I found on the second wear that there are several enjoyable notes in Chene that combine to create a very nice experience. I definitely smell the following notes, woods, resin/sap, beeswax, and perhaps just a subtle hint of tyme. When I was putting it on, I lost hold of the sample, and spilled almost all of it on my shirt. That didn't make me happy, but there was a small pool on my shirt that was pretty concentrated, so I was able to keep going back throughout the day to review Chene. It is quite linear and doesn't change a lot during the wear. I love the combination of the woods. The sap smell is also nice, and I also love the beeswax note, which comes across similar to the beeswax note in Penhaligons Sartorial, which is also very enjoyable. So, now that I've come to appreciate Chene comes the hard part. Buying another expensive bottle of fragrance. Chene is bottle worthy however...
  3. Hovo
  4. odysseusm
    This is so delightfully woody and resinous! It is like a richer version of Hinoki, with some spicy cedar notes front and centre.
    The beeswax gives a somewhat honeyed echo.
    Very woody -- like peering into the centre of a newly-cut tree.
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