IS anyone on here...

  1. coastfansocal
    on YelP? I am also a writer for Yelp, review restaurants, bars and clubs and even apothecary shops in the LA /OC area. I have over 1500 friends and 300 reviews. I am going to Strange Invisible perfumes this weekend.

    All of my fellow basenoters should join Yelp, they have elite events and we could meet at some apothecary shop if you want to learn more!

    Anyhow, I am heading out to Strange Invisible Perfumes this weekend !!! Anyone want to come with me to Venice!? Ciao
  2. Asha
    Strange Invisible Perfumes is in Venice? I did no even know they had those kinds of shops there...hmm.

    I have to laugh, because when I saw the title, I thought you were asking if anybody is HERE There has definitely been a lull.
  3. Astaroth
    I thought the same thing as Asha. I'll admit to being pretty far underwater with work, so I haven't been checking on BN very frequently. But there should really be a mechanism whereby members of a group can easily send PMs to other members of the group without having to perform a manual cut-and-paste operation 5 members at a time.
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