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  1. marczilla
    I went to aroma workshop this weekend. It was really fun and The owner and girl working their were both awesome. If it's gonna be a bigger group I'd stick to the later time and maybe end the day there. The store itself is kind of small and if you try to do things as walk ins I can see things getting crazy fast. He said if you were gonna be a big group and made an appointment for a group thing he'd try to have more staff.
  2. Quarry
    Right-o, marczilla. Right now we're The Chicago Seven, which is probably just small enough to stay as one group.

    I've heard from Mossant, who's game for anything.

    Haven't heard from anyone else since I sent out PMs.

    Ubu's on the road and away from her computer.
  3. Quarry
    Still haven't heard back from Kotori, exquisitely_me or bluesoul since I PM'ed everybody.

    Ubu writes:
    There is a small glitch in the works...according to The Westin Hotel Michigan Ave. sales staff, they are sold out at 100% occupancy for the last weekend in Aug. . Apparently there is a citywide convention, and rooms throughout Chicago are scarce to nil during that particular weekend. The good news is: the very next weekend, I think it's Sept. 4th and 5th., occupancy drops and we can get an 89.00 per night room rate at The Westin. We are still far enough ahead of schedule, I'm hoping to work this out for everyone...what are your thoughts? (The Westin is located at 909 North Michigan Ave., across from the Bloomingdales mall and next to the John Hancock. It is the best location (IMO) for frag shopping!
  4. Quarry

    ... and I responded: As marczilla said in a PM to me today about our get-together: It's like herding cats.

    Marczilla, Mossant, and Kotori are Chicago locals, exquisitely_me and her boyfriend bluesoul will be traveling from Cleveland, I'll be commuting from Milwaukee, and of course you (Ubu) will be arriving from Indiana.

    If I had my druthers, I'd wait until the weather cooled and the fall releases were available, but the August dates were set to coincide with BN's first global event.
  5. Quarry
    Whoops, wait a minute ...
  6. Quarry
    Okay, five days to go. Who's in for sure?

    ✔ Quarry
    ✔ Ubu

    Optimistic about Mossant and Marczilla.

    Seriously doubting Kotori, exquisitely me and bluesoul.

    My cell # is (262) 894-1188 ~ Quarry (Joy B.)
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