Vancouver, British Columbia Canada

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  1. sharviss
    Hello! I'm new here and am interested in attending the meet-up. I'm not sure if I can make it Saturday as I normally work that day but I'd definitely be interested in coming on Friday the 28th. I will check back to see what the end decision is!
  2. nsamadi
    Hi Sharviss, A date change to Friday isn't a problem. We'd love to have you along. I put you on the attendance list.

    BTW, while I'm posting this. I'm really bad at taking a lead role. I'd like this to be a group thing so if anyone has any suggestions or wants to do things differently, please comment or request. I sort of just randomly hashed something together.

    I haven't decided on a place to break before The Perfume Shoppe since I'm unfamiliar with the city. I'm thinking maybe we could just go with the flow and see what happens.
  3. sharviss
    Great, I look forward to it!
    As for where to eat, I think just going with the flow should work pretty well. Also, possible dumb question, I don't know what anyone looks like (maybe you've all met?) so how will we recognize each other? Do we post pictures somewhere? Should we all carry a yellow rose?
  4. nsamadi
    Good question sharviss. I was thinking maybe we could just look for the really tall guy (Galamb_Borong) standing in front of Sephora at around 11am.

    He's 6'10, so I don't think we'll miss him.

    Rose thing doesn't sound bad either. I have a red rose I could use.
  5. Sugandaraja
    I'll be carrying a tuberose and wearing an eye-patch emblazoned with "fragrance pirate".

    I posted a picture of me here:

    If you're comfortable, you can post your pics on the new member pictures thread here:

    However, I certainly don't mind being the "landmark", if necessary.

    Is anyone interested in stopping at the Chanel or Hermes boutiques? They're right down-town, in the same general area.
  6. sharviss
    I would love to stop at Chanel and Hermes. I'm contemplating buying the Costco-sized vat of Bois des Iles and I haven't sniffed any of the Hermessence fragrances.
    An eyepatch,eh? Seems like the perfect time for me to bring out the peg leg and talking parrot!
  7. nsamadi
    Chanel/Hermes sounds fun. I'm thinking after our nose/lunch break we can head to those two shops before going to The Perfume Shoppe, as our last visit.


    Nose Break

  8. sharviss
    Hi all! I'm looking forward to tomorrow. Here is my list of samples for giving away/trading:
    SL - Serge Noir
    Bond No 9 - So New York
    Andy Tauer - Une Rose Chypree
    Washington Tremlett - Clove Absolute
    LV - Donna
    CDG - Stehen Jones
    CDG - Series 1 Leaves Lily
    CDG - Incense Zagorsk
    L'A - Dzongkha
    L'A - Voleur de Roses
    L'A - Passage D'Enfer
    L'A - Ambre Extreme
    Aqaba - Midnight Sun
    Montale - Mango Manga
    PdN - Le Temps d'une Fete
    PdN - Cedrat Intense
    Caron - Nuit de Noel

    Most of these samples are from Luckyscent of The Perfume Shoppe and the majority of them are 80-90% full.

    Nsamadi: I was looking at your list and am interested in:
    SL A La Nuit
    TF Neroli Portofino
    ELO Putain de Palaces
    Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir
    Ava Luxe Film Noir
    So if I have anything you want, let me know!
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