Hong Kong

  1. mr. reasonable
    mr. reasonable
    Hi there - Hong Kong is officially happening.

    Coconut & I have tentatively arranged to meet Saturday 29th for coffee in Central and a swing around some spots. If you are going to be in Hong Kong that weekend (or are a HK based basenoter who we haven't met) please feel free to pm me and let's see if we can connect!
  2. Coconut
    Please come and join us!
    Here is our itinerary:

  3. Frowned Upon
    Frowned Upon
    This looks great! Thanks for organizing, mr. reasonable and Coconut. Looking forward to next week.

    Note: Hold off on stocking up on Guerlain as Wed-Sat (26-29) will feature 10% off up to 5000 HKD and 20% off thereafter (minimum purchase 1000 HKD), as well as double points for VIP's. Perhaps we can do a group purchase if there's enough interest?
  4. mr. reasonable
    mr. reasonable
    Cool on the Guerlain idea boys and girls - there is one I had my eye on - let's strategise when we connect.

    Great map Coconut thanks!
  5. Coconut
    Guys, I have the VIP card, not sure if it would help.
  6. Frowned Upon
    Frowned Upon
    I have the VIP card as well, we'll be able to work something out with them ;-)

    Can we add Hermes to the list?
  7. mr. reasonable
    mr. reasonable
    Hermes said they may actually receive stock of TdH Parfum Extrait this week. I have been waiting for this and also the FM Geranium Pour Homme, which could turn up any day. I have the Guerlain card as well - should be fun. I'm going to give them a heads up on the visit, BTW, I like the team there and I have already mentioned to LC IFC guys we will be dropping in.
  8. mr. reasonable
    mr. reasonable
    Hong Kong Meet-Up was great and hope we can have some of you out of town folks swinging by next year (or sooner). Here is our thread kindly posted by Coconut (mercifully - I am still navigating how to post pics with text etc!)

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