San Francisco Meet-Up and Shop-Til-You-Drop-a-Thon!!!

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  1. enorena
    This looks like a fantastic itinerary. Thanks to rogalal for talking to all of the stores! I am very excited. If Mr. Zadeh at NM is working, he may think I have a serious addiction, since I just spent an hour with him a week ago. He is a wonderful guy once he warms up to you. I must admit that I am a little afraid of Jacqueline Perfumery, so don't mind me if I am huddled behind you hiding while we're there.
  2. JaimeB
    Hi, guys. I just wanted to say I will meet you all Saturday at noon at Diptyque on Maiden Lane. Looking forward to seeing and meeting all of you!
  3. JaimeB
    I visited and spoke to Josie Pastor at the Tom Ford counter of Neiman's yesterday. She knows we are coming and will have samples of some popular and newer TF Special Blends. She also has testers of the new musk series of four scents, and of Grey Vetiver. These are not yet in stock.

    She recently lost her son to a brain aneurism, so bear in mind that she won't be at her cheeriest, but she's a trooper and a real professional, so I'm sure she'll do everything possible to please!
  4. JaimeB
    Thanks to all of you guys for a wonderful (if slightly fatiguing) day! The best part was getting to meet you all and talk about fragrances with such a knowledgable group. It was an ambitious schedule, but I think we were pretty brave...

    I apologize for skipping out just before the end, but I had promised my hubby to have dinner with him. He had a meeting today with an agent about some display opportunities for his ceramic sculpture, and he wanted to tell me all about it.

    My feet still hurt! But they hurt good... Any of you guys, feel free to PM me about anything you want. Let's keep in touch!
  5. PaulSC
    Hear, hear! What a great experience yesterday was -- I enjoyed meeting such a friendly bunch of people, and I learned TONS from speaking with everyone.
  6. enorena
    I had such a great time, not only sniffing but getting to know you. Sorry to have left early too, but hubby and kids needing tending to. I slept like a log last night, too, smelling of a panoply of different scents from the day, mostly Bois d'Arménie and Eau Première from the end of the day at NM. I hope you're enjoying your purchases, Jaime and Paul, and I wish I had bought something now. But I think I have some ideas about what I'd like to purchase in the near future. *cough* Back to Black *cough*
  7. Granzon
    Looks like everyone had a good time. Perhaps next time I'll join too.
    This weekend I might head up to the city and go solo... Can anybody tell me if Neiman Marcus sells Terre d'Hermès EDP version not edt? Or any other place that sells it, so I don't have to walk around too much.
  8. PaulSC
    The Hermes Boutique (Maiden Lane at Grant, I think) had it in stock. I didn't see it elsewhere but wasn't especially looking for it.
  9. ooofireballooo
    Just wanted to say I had a great time and thanks to you all for being such great people! Was nice to explore the niche lines and to meet people who shared such a unique hobby haha! ;0 Hopefully we can do this again sometime soon, even if it gave me a headache last time lol! ;0 Join the chat room sometime so we can chat! ;0 Nipples!
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