Bakhoor by Montale (2018)

  1. odysseusm
    I like this a lot. It is very dry, and has a haunting, evocative and exotic character. Peppery spice notes, dry green resins, resolute woods, and sophisticated, non-threatening oud. Reminds me of Tom Ford's Sahara Noir, but this is not so in-your-face. It is more subtle and elegant. Everything is perfectly balanced, and it wears well throughout the day. Oriental Woody. One site suggests it has olibanum in it. All the BN reviews are positive (to date).
    Notes: Incense, Resin, Sandalwood, Perfumed wood
    From the Montale site:
    "Bewitched by an ancestral perfumed ritual which comes to us from the nomadic Arab tribes of the Middle East, Pierre Montale has created BAKHOOR (pronounced BAROUR), a raw and wild creation, inspired by the traditional incense, burned to release the scents of resin, sandalwood, perfumed wood and natural oils. A wisp of smoke that rises to the sky, an invitation to discover mystical scents of the Orient, both intriguing and fascinating."
  2. junior_surgeon
    Thanks Odysseusm, I'd like to try this one as I enjoy Sahara Noir.
  3. Scent Detective
    Scent Detective
    Mmm...does sound like it's worth checking out! Thanks for the recommendation Oddy...
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