Silly talk-mumbo jumbo-songs

  1. Eleanore
    Hi everyone,

    Am I alone? Am I the only one who talks silly talk and mumbo jumbo to my dog? Am I the only one who sings to my dog? Hey, I've even made up a song for my pooch--but I don't know if I can post it.
  2. Kevin Guyer
    Kevin Guyer
    I silly talk to my dog, Ruggles, all the time. Here's a picture of her today lounging on her back trying to ignore my endless chatter:
  3. Eleanore
    Ruggles is adorable!!
    I'll try to get my girls to help me put up a picture of Gracie.
  4. Shemelimelle
    I like to sing to my Baby Belcher aaallllllllllllll the time.
  5. Shemelimelle
    Just for her, I sing a song called “CakidoodleDandy”. I came up with it myself.

    Here are some masterpiece lyrics for another tune I wrote, named after one of her favorite toys, Zingers.

    “When ya gotsa Zinger, (Heeyyyyyyyyy......)
    you’re zingzin’ witha Zinger. (Yaaaaaayyyyyyy.......)
    When ya gotsa Poochie, (Weeeeeeee........)
    Σκατάκατουρλού-chie. (Heeeeeeee..........)
  6. Shemelimelle
    Oh, silly me, I made another typo error booboo. “you’re” is meant to be “yer”.
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