hello fellow dog lovers! Let's introduce our dogs

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  1. shadesofbleu
    I'm so glad to find this group. I love to talk about my dog, Cali, and show off pictures of her. I would love to hear all about everyone's dogs also.

    Cali is technically my son's dog, but she and I are really close. I call her my grandpuppy (I don't have grandchildren yet). She was actually headed for the shelter, my son's friend asked Eric if he would take her in. I'm so glad we said yes, she was been a wonderful addition to our family. Cali is half Lab and half Golden Retriever. She is small for her breeds and she has short hair like her momma, the Lab, it is a golden color like her daddy the Golden.

    Cali was born on July 5 and she's now 6 years old. She loves to ride in the car or truck, go on walks, play with her toys, or just lay close by. I think she's brilliant, but I guess all grandmas feel that way. I spoil her rotten, but isn't that we all do to our dogs? It's a small price for all the joy that she brings to me and the entire family.
  2. tang
    Cali sounds like a sweetheart! As a proper grandma, will you share a picture here?
  3. Aiona
    I've got three dogs. The first is Buddy. We didn't name him. We got him from the SPCA, and spent the evening thinking of possible names -- we tried "Radar" and "Shadow." Nothing seemed to fit. Then my husband, said, "Buddy, what are we going to do with you?" His ears pricked up, and he looked at us as if to say, "Yeah? What do you want?" Whoever had him prior to us had named him "Buddy."

    He is a cross between a black lab (his head), a Basset hound (his body and feet), and a chow (his temperment and his blue tongue). He looks like a lab experiment gone wrong. But we love him. Whenever he sneezes, his feet are so Basset-hound short that he hits his head on the floor. People should not breed Basset hounds with black labs. But I'm glad they did, because Buddy is just an amazing little guy.
  4. Jasper
    Hi everyone! I'm so excited to be part of this group. I'll try to put some picture of my babies here soon.
  5. Jasper
    Well, how did you guys do that, posting photo? I have no clue.
  6. Zibeline
    I currently have two Pomeranians, Topsy and Sparko-Polo (my grand dog lives with me as his mummy is abroad on a fellowship). Shades, we are starting with granddogs too! My only dog-less days were in the dormitory as a college student and I moved into a student co-op (pure 70s style) in order to get a furry companion back in my life. Can't picture myself without a canine.

    My family has always been great dog lovers. And if the choice were between dogs and perfume, dogs would easily prevail...so naturally I am glad no choice needs to be made.

    I have been leaning toward adopting from petfinder, but have to convince DH! It would be nice to have a larger dog, sort of a big brother for us all.

    Buddy sounds adorable, Aiona! My brother is wild for Bassets. His first was Waltzing Mathilda who was, I believe, the love of his life (my SIL would probably agree with me) She lived to be 16 and he carried her all over the last two years and was devastated by her loss.
  7. Aiona
    Hi, Jasper! To post pictures, go up to the green bar at the top of the page, where it says "User CP" (User Control Panel). Click on that. It should bring you to a page where you have a list of items on the left -- in blue letters. Click on the one that says "Pictures & Albums." You might have to "Add Album." Then go into the album and click "Upload Picture." Choose a picture from your computer. Then once it's loaded onto the Basenotes album, you can then choose to "Add (Picture) to Group."

    I hope that helps!

    Zibeline, I totally understand that dogs > perfume. I think we spend more on dogfood per month than we do on groceries. :P
  8. Aiona
    Gooch is our third dog. We found him outside of I-HOP late one night. He was sitting outside when we came out. He followed me to my car and hopped right in. No collar. We thought he was full grown, as he was about as big as our German Shorthair. Turns out, when we brought him to the vet the next day that he was only 6 months old.

    He was dumped by the highway, in June 2006. Peak time for 6-month-old dog-dumpings as lots of students from the local college get rid of their "Christmas puppies" in time to go home after graduation.

    We didn't want to keep him. We already had two dogs and 3 cats.

    But no one wanted this big galoof! He was already about 50 lbs. at 6 months old.

    We had him for about 2 weeks while we tried to find his owner. No one claimed him. So we tried to give him away to someone who responded to an advertisement I put up at work. The couple picked him up, and we thought that was the last we'd seen of him.
  9. Aiona
    But someone called my cell-phone the next morning saying, "Do you have a dog with a pink collar?" I said, "Not anymore!" And they said, "Well, he's outside of our house bleeding. We think he's hurt."

    Turns out, the couple we gave him to had left him at home alone while they went to church. This dog jumped onto the kitchen table, broke the kitchen window, climbed out of this window into the backyard, jumped over a 10-foot high fence, and wandered over to the neighbor's porch to lick his wounds.

    I went and picked him up. He had a huge gash on his forearm where he must have cut himself on the window glass. He bled all over the backseat of my car as I brought him home. I got my stitches out and stitched him up. Gave him some leftover Augmentin from a previous infection that another dog had. Ugh.

    And we didn't try to give him away again. He's been with us nearly 3 years now.

    Gooch. He has never tried to run away from us. I don't know *what* that couple did to him.
  10. shadesofbleu
    I hope it's ok to post THREE pictures to our album. I can't pick out just one

    I guess Cali is not a true diva, since she so rarely will look at the camera. She takes after me in that I don't like to have my picture taken either.

    I did manage to catch one with her looking at the camera on my cellphone camera, so the color is not very good. She was showing off her Christmas toys. (Right before she performed a squeekerectomy on the pale green sheep )
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