Odin No. 7 Tanoke (2011)

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  1. odysseusm
    One of my favourite incense scents.

    Top: ginger, bitter orange, black pepper
    Mid: Lignam vitae (a kind of oudh I think), frankincense, nutmeg
    Base: woods, patchouli, musk

    This is a great peppery-spice, woody scent with some very good incense notes. The incense is very similar to that in Heeley Cardinal, but the overall scent is a bit drier and has a really nice pepper note. Indeed, all the spices (ginger, nutmeg, and pepper) are very well done and give a masculine, barbershop vibe. It wears very well and is completely satisfying.
    Update -- the 5 stars continue... a rare occurrence for me. Very, very satisfying scent, possibly my favourite incense. Starts with an assertive wood note. Quickly is joined by frankincense and a bit of oudh. Very well done, even evokes the smoky note of burned incense. Spices add a pleasing frame. Very dry, substantial yet translucent; not sweet or heavy in any way. Superior to Heeley Cardinal, the closest analogue. Wears very well throughout the day.
  2. odysseusm
    Today I really notice the spices (ginger, pepper and the woody-aromatic nutmeg) and the wood notes.
    A very successful triad of spice - wood - incense.
    Dry and very satisfying, great in cool weather.
  3. awayalonealong
    I lost my love for Odin after the first two fragrances. Haven't trusted 'em since. No. 7 does sound like it has possibilities, esp. if it compares well to Heely Cardinal. Thanks for the review, Ody!
  4. odysseusm
    I love this scent. It is similar to Heeley Cardinal, but I like it better. A bit woodier, maybe a bit less sweet, more woods and resins. Wears so well.
  5. Scent Detective
    Scent Detective
    Sounds like it's worth sampling to me...
  6. Scent Detective
    Scent Detective
    So, I invested in a bottle of 07 Tanoke by Odin New York. It is very nice. Here is my review...

    A superb incense based fragrance with ginger, pepper and orange out front. I feel like there's some clove in there too, although not listed. The olibanum keeps this from turning into a potpourri in the opening. Not that potpourri is a bad thing...I love a good potpourri. But, this is a much dryer, more woodsy scent. I would say this is a very stark fragrance, meaning that it's well delineated. It's got nothing to hide...it's all out there. It's in your face, literally, and just is what it is. And, what it is, is a very good thing. It smells wild, but it's a well behaved wild. I feel like I'll wear this a lot more in a suit, white shirt and tie than I will in jeans and a t-shirt. Not that it wouldn't fit in both situations. This makes me feel like I'm sitting in a board room at a huge table made out of a single slab of redwood tree that's got different shades of deep browns and reds rippling outward in a circular pattern from the center. But, it's covered in many layers of clear acrylic to keep it from giving me slivers. Yeah, it's kind of like that.

    Two enthusiastic thumbs way up!
  7. polarbird
    Where did you find this? I've been keeping my eye out for a sample online without luck.
  8. Scent Detective
    Scent Detective

    I bought a full bottle from Lucky Scent, but it looks like the Perfumed Court has Tanoke samples. I attached the link above. Hope you enjoy it!
  9. odysseusm
    I keep returning to this, one of my favourite incense scents along with Heeley Cardinal. Comments tomorrow.
  10. odysseusm
    This has a wonderful, majestic frankincense note -- one of the best I have found. Resinous, coniferous, uplifting, contemplative. Woody notes and spices frame it very well. I always enjoy this, especially in cool weather.
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