Polo Green (1986) vs Odin NY Tanoke 07 (2011)

  1. odysseusm
    A question arose in Conehead-land, whether there are any similarities between Polo Green and Odin NY Tanoke.
    Here's my comparison of today.
    I have Polo Green from 1986. Good opening of pine and juniper. Quickly augmented by herbal notes and then gentle spices -- a nice blend. Then it deepens into a rich moss and leather base. Typical of the 80's but well done. The moss gets a bit soapy and barbershop in the dry down, again a pleasant feature and very much of the time. Also a dirty, earthy quality lends a macho air to the proceedings.
    Odin 07 -- POW! Pure, dry frankincense from the get-go. Everything else frames that. Lean and yet powerful. Wood and light spice (in particular the ginger) develop and work well together, but this never loses its incense-centric vibe.
    Each scent is nice, but the Odin is really something else, and the two are quite different.
  2. SkiDawg
    Thank you kind sir for the comparison! I truly appreciate your evaluation and will definitely be on the lookout for a vintage Green!
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