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    I'm really surprised no one has mentioned this scent yet. I wrote a review of it several months ago and just revised it a bit today, which made me think of Coneheads.

    This is a Spanish styled classic eau de cologne that contains pine and prominent wood notes, a bit unusual for an eau de cologne. Pine isn't just listed in the pyramid, I can really smell it in Agua Brava. I find the pine note in Agua Brava to be quite prominent in the opening, but what I love most about Agua Brava is how the other notes (esp. the dry wood notes) manage to sustain the piney smell for a long time, well after the pine note may have actually faded.

    This is a wonderful Mediterranean styled EDC, and is one I often reach for when I want a scent with a sustained pine-like smell. The pine and dry wood notes blend beautifully with the herbal elements here too. This scent is so inexpensive that it's worth a blind buy. I first bought it blind, and I never regretted it!
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    Hey, I'm glad to see this as an item. I wonder about these scents, Puig I believe. I think they wouldn't be a blind buy for me, in part because I have a concept that these Puig scents are powerhouse bruisers (admittedly a purely subjective assessment). If I can ever sniff one, I certainly will do that. Your descriptions makes it sound worth checking out. I wonder if anyone else has a comment on it.
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    Yes this is by Puig, but it doesn't smell like Quorum, which is definitely a brute. It's a lot drier and lighter than Quorum. Not a powerhouse at all. Plus, there's no vanilla in it!

    If you'd like a sample Ody, just send me a PM and I'd be glad to mail you one.
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    Now that's a great idea! Will do.
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    I just took a look again at the note pyramid on AB. I'm a little surprised at some of the base notes listed - leather, patchouli, sandalwood. These make this sound like it's some powerhouse style macho scent, but it's not. Because AB is such an herbal fragrance, I'm not surprised that there's some patchouli in this, but I don't find it to be prominent. Sandalwood? Maybe. This is quite a woody scent after all. But leather? I don't smell any leather. Though it's stronger than your average EDC, I don't find Agua Brava to be a heavy fragrance. I find it to be rather dry, and I do smell some similarity to Pino Silvester, a scent to which it's often compared.
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    Good points, shamu. I had only looked at the BN fragrance notes, and I assumed the scent would be a bruiser. Notes alone do not tell the story -- the exception being vanilla...
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    Hi guys, I really like Agua Brava! It is hard to pin down exactly what I smell with this one: It is somewhat like Pino Silvestre, but to my nose more herby. Herby to an almost culinary degree, like the aroma of someone cooking using pungent herbs. Does this one come as an EDT? I have only ever seen an EDC.
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    I'm glad to see I'm not the only fan of this! I agree that Agua Brava is primarily an herbal EDC, but I do find the woody notes to be quite prominent, and that's AB's biggest appeal for me. Though I do like the herbal elements a lot, Agua Brava is usually what I reach for (along with Cypres-Musc) when I want to wear a really woody scent. I'm not saying it's the woodiest scent I know (Cypres Musc gets that award), but I particularly like the way the wood notes are handled in it.

    You're not the first person to mention the smell of cooking in AB. I've heard comments by some saying it reminds them of soup. I can't say AB smells like soup to me, but there are herbal notes in there that are reminiscent of herbs used in Mediterranean cooking.
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    Well thanks to shamu1 I have a nice little sample of Agua Brava. I like it a lot. Here's how I see it. A herbal, almost minty opening. The herbal notes are prominent but not aggressive -- indeed, the scent is surprisingly smooth and well-rounded for a budget frag. It is fresh and quite green. I get pine notes but for me they are in the background. The dry-down is lovely! Elements which could be heavy (musk, leather, patchouli) are very well handled and are only a tiny component of this scent. It wears well.
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    Glad to hear you like it, Ody. I agree that it's a very well blended scent, where no single note dominates.

    It really does wear well too. I prefer it in the old school splash bottle, over the spray. I find it long lasting, and it soothes the soul .
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    Hi Everyone. Count Me in as a Fan of this Classic. I'm one that Says this smells like Soup (at Least My Mom's Soup) I love everything about AB. I am amazed this has no Pine in the Top notes because it is a prominent note, and the herbs are rich (it is probably what reminds Me of My mom) Shamu says Mediterranean cooking. He is right indeed
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    I should note that seasoldiermarine was the person who introduced me to this gem. I'm totally hooked now.
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    Is it a fougere or a chypre?
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    Good question, vonMises. I don't think it really falls neatly into either category. I just think of it as a herbal wood fragrance. If I had to pick between fougere or chypre, I'd probably go with chypre because of its greenness. However, I don't think it's really a chypre.
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    double post
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    I agree. it is between so many different categories that I'm not sure what to really call it (except Terrific)
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    Add another vote for herbal green and for fantastic....I love the stuff of my better blind buys. I've never seen it in anything stronger than EDC, but it lasts a long while on me in that strength.
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