Great finds: Where do you find Vintage bottles of scent?

    Great finds: Where do you find Vintage bottles of scent?

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    I've gotten just about all of mine on ebay...but I'm sure there are other sources out there...any recomendations?
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    Check Brielle's Yard Sale. I bought three from her.
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    I got up at 4 am to put in my bid on ebay for a sealed 1/4 oz of vintage Jolie Madame. You've got to be disciplined and not jump at every interesting thing that comes up for auction. Remember, there is a constant stream of vintage everything. If you wait and watch, and choose carefully, you will find what you are looking for. Estate sales are supposedly good for vintage frags, but I don't have the time to seek them out. Also, people don't generally know that the old juice can still be good if it has been properly stored. I really don't find too many modern fragrances that measure up to vintage Arpege, Chanel, Emeraude, etc.Thanks for starting this group!
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    Antique stores!
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    Hi everyone! I'm so happy to have found this group!

    I bought the majority of my collection for myself at the fragrance counter of whatever department store I was in. I replaced most of them as soon as I finished them, but many are original bottles that have been in my collection for 15, 20 or even 30 years. I still have my first bottle of "grown-up" perfume, Caron's Infini, which I received when I was twelve...but I've been through several bottles of the edp through the years (and I keep several vintage bottles on hand so I'll never have to suffer the new stuff.)

    Another significant portion came from my grandmothers after they died. They had very different ideas of how they wanted to smell, btw. From one I received Arpege, Madame Rochas, L'air du Temps and Je Reviens, among others. From the other came Opium, Poison, Jardins de Bagatelle and a gigantic bottle of Ysatis. I'm happy to smell like either of them, and they always seemed pretty old to me.
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    Bottles to me are so important. I wish that I had saved some from the 60's. The classic Chanel bottle is the best, although the Mitsouko/L'Heure Bleue bottle is a close second. I have not tried certain fragrances because the bottle was so ridiculous. Sorry, Angel, you may be a "star", but you will never be on my dresser. Evangeline (I love the Evangeline poster which I put in an antique frame and I love the poem), you are a lucky lady to have such a wonderful collection!
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    Thanks vintage*red! I do love my collection but I sometimes feel hopelessly out of the loop when it comes to most new and niche fragrances. Even when I'm doing research for something new and perusing the wealth of information here, I'm always drawn to the term "retro" - my first niche fragrance was Lipstick Rose! I don't really think it's a retro fragrance - it doesn't remind me of any vintage fragrance I know - but the nostalgia hit is incredible.
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    I have found good deals on vintage fragrances on ebay lately. It's a gamble, though, in terms of wearability. I would think you could find vintage fragrances at estate sales and yard sales, too, which you can check in your local paper. Some people make a hobby of it, driving around to these sales. I'm not there yet.
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    Oh, is it you who has been stealing all my ebay auctions lately, lillybelle?!?!?! (shakes angry little fist)

    In all seriousness, I have done reasonably well on ebay, especially with vintage minis and other quirky stuff. Chanel No5 is notoriously faked if being sold as "new," but there seem to be lots of unopened vintage bottles that go for a great price. My theory is that lots of ladies in the 50s and 60s were given bottles of No 5 as a fancy gift, and they'd "keep it for good" and never use it. The only risk there is tht many of these unopened bottles spent 40 years on a dressertop, possibly in the sun. That said, even if my 50ml splash EdT did lose some of its floral topnotes, the drydown is still glorious and I only spent $11 on it!
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    Have any of you ever purchased from this online shop? They have a fascinating selection of vintage perfume, both old greats and neat old drugstore scents, and I'd like to know if they are reliable.
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    No, but the prices on empty bottles are pretty high.
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    The prices are strange....lots of WAY overpriced empty bottles and minis, and then a periodic deal for $10 or $15 for a good sized full bottle of a fairly hard-to-find item....(There was a bottle of vintage Bellodgia that is now gone, for example, that was identical to one I saw sell for $50 on ebay, that sold there for $18.) I do like that these all look like legitimate estate-and-garage-sale finds. Some really fun drugstore brands, too...who knew that there were once fragrances named "Hot Pants!" and "Just a Little Sweat?"

    Not I.
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    I have looked at the Quirky Finds site a number of times, but the website is so cumbersome to navigate!
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    I have found some things on Ruby Lane, too. Does anyone else shop there?
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    Hi kumquat, Yes--Ruby Lane sometimes yields interesting fragrance offerings. I find that there is a wide range from knowledgeable to cluelessness in the sellers' offerings and pricing structures. Sometimes that can work to one's advantage, but not as often as I would like.
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    I have purchased from Quirky Finds, and I've been mostly satisfied. As with any vintage fragrance purchase you can't always expect perfection, but her prices are reasonable (for what I'm looking at) so you won't have thrown away too much money if there's something wrong. Of course, it's always disappointing when you get a bottle of stinky Chanel No5, but I still love the old bottle it came in, so no real harm done.

    On the other hand, I was thrilled with purchases of Azuree and Detchema - both wonderful bargains and still beautifully intact scent-wise.

    However, it's frustrating that combined shipping isn't offered. Actually, she might offer it but it's not automatically adjusted at check-out, and I'm not inclined to email and then wait for a response before I purchase.

    It also bugs me that all of the sold items are still there cluttering up the aisles. They need to be cleared out, or at least moved to a different page for anyone who wants to view what they cannot have.
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    Very happy to have found this group, since I'm finding that though I love several newer niche fragrances, I'm falling head over heels for some vintage gems.

    I live in a remote area and almost all my shopping is done online, so ebay has definitely been my shopping place for vintage loves.

    I'm finding at the moment that a lot of items I've seen sold are suddenly back up on ebay again. One for a particularly nice bottle of Shalimar. I emailed the seller and asked if I hadn't seen it sell not that long ago and they replied that it had, but there are a higher number of non-paying bidders these days.
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