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    This is a no-brainer thread. You just have to have an Avon thread in a forum like this.

    I don't believe I've ever smelled a masculine fragrance by Avon. Right now Avon is having a big sale on a bunch of their fragrances, so I partook and blind bought three today: Wild Country (thanks for your recommendation, gmmcnair), Black Suede (supposedly an Avon classic), and Signature. I can't wait to try them. I'll report back with my thoughts as soon as they arrive.

    I'm starting this thread in the hopes of opening up some discussion about Avon fragrances: which do you like and why? How do they compare to more expensive scents? Which ones are mediocre or horrible?

    Right now, I don't have any opinion at all, but I will soon!
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    Hi Shamu1, I have a few Avon fragrances and I can say they are definitely worthwhile. Black Suede and Black Suede Touch ar both decent fragrances and can be had really cheaply ($9.99Aus for 100ml) when on sale. The Noir by Christian LaCroix reminds me a little of a tamed Arpege our Homme (a peppery woody fragrance). My only qualm is their longevity. The best only rate medium longevity on my skin.
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    Thanks for your input on those. I've been trying to figure out from the reviews what Black Suede smells like. Sounds to me like a cross between Bijan Men and One Man Show.
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    I don't think Black suede smells like either Bijan men or One man show, though I only have the aftershave of it (EDT not available in Australia). It is more cloves, musk and wood and I would say closer to PS fine cologne than Bijan or OMS. Interestingly I find the Black Suede aftershave to be more potent than the EDT of Black Suede touch. An EDTof Black Suede would be something impressive.
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    I get the original Dunhill vibe (the discontinued 1934 version) from the Black Suede like some other basenoters do.

    The Wild Country is fantastic as well....very barbershop, but not as sweet as the typical one. True Force is a very nice green fragrance....something along the lines of Adidas Sport Field, but nicer and longer lasting.

    I also love the Tomorrow for Men; beautiful fragrance. Just wish it had better longevity on me, but still all of the ones I've tried are excellent for the price. Avon used to have a couple of stinkers, but they're discontinued. Their line right now is excellent for what it is...nice smelling, reasonably priced fragrances that are a steal when on sale.
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    My Avon fragrances came in today. So far I've only been able to smell them on paper, so my impressions of them are very likely to change after I actually wear them for a day, so keep that in mind. So far, my paper test impressions:

    Black Suede - I like this one. It is extremely old school in style. Reminds me of Royal Copenhagen. It smells powdery but also sort of animalic, like there's a strong musk in there, or jasmine. Jasmine smells urinous/animalic to me. So far, so good!

    Wild Country - I don't like this at all, so far. It's way too heady and crude - like a nuclear assault of talcum powder. I'm going to have to wear this before I pass judgment on it though. Often times a fragrance will mellow out and balance out when it's on my skin, rather than a piece of paper. I have a feeling that will be the case here.
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    Signature - Hard to assess this one on paper. It smells kind of generic at first, with a green apple note up top that's really strong. It smells like it's mellowing out into more of a dark wood scent, so it's promising. Another one I'll have to wear.

    Just my initial impressions, so take it for what it's worth, if anything.
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    I've become a real fan of Black Suede and upon reading the reviews on BS Touch, have ordered myself a bottle of that as well. I've now come across Black Suede Leather on ebay but can't find anything on BN about it. Anyone given it a try?
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    Rossi, have you ordered BS Leather too? I've also been curious about that one too, since I really like leather fragrances, but I also can't find a single review on it anywhere. I know it's inexpensive, but before I blind buy it, I'd at least like to find out if it actually has a leathery smell. Too many frags I've smelled that have words like "Cuir" or "Suede" in their names don't smell leathery to me.
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    Hi Shamu. Yes I got my BS Leather through a couple of days ago. Obviously as something of a newcomer to the fragrance world I'm still feeling my way a bit, but I definately get leather coming through with this frag. It starts with a very harsh blast of alcohol (think a shot of cheap vodka!) but it soon calms down and becomes a warm leather with pretty good longevity on my skin. I'm becoming quite an Avon fan!
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    Your word is as good as any others'. If you're a newcomer to this and you're smelling leather, then I'm confident there's a leather smell here. I think I'll pull the trigger and blind buy this one.

    I'm new to Avon fragrances too, but I can already tell they are very underrated. You won't smell anything groundbreaking, but the ones I've smelled so far are all excellent, even if not particularly innovative. Can't beat the price either.
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    I've just blind bought two more Avon frags.......Aromadisiac For Men and True Force. As money is a little tight at the moment I'm always on the lookout for a bargain and Avon's ability to produce a really good quality fragrance for very little cash (I picked up TF for 1.00 on ebay) really fits the bill. I've been impressed with all three Black Suede variants and Avon's Musk For Men is excellent.
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    I like the True Force. I bought it a while back and it's very green on me, similar to Adidas Sport Field.
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    Anyone tried Avon Midnight for men?
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    I'm a newbie to Avons, so I've never tried or heard of Midnight For Men.

    BTW, I just ordered two new Avon fragrances: Derek Jeter Driven and Patrick Dempsey Unscripted. I got them both from Amazon.com for a total of $27, excluding postage! I'm as excited about getting these as I would a $150 niche frag. I'll check back in once I get them and post my impressions.
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    Nice one Shamu. I've heard pretty good things about Unscripted, and have been wanting to try it for a while. I've just managed to score 75ml EDT's of Midnight For Men and Jet Homme by Avon for 7.40 for both, including postage! Avon frags really are outstanding value for money.
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    I have a Musk for men Extreme (at least that's what I think its called) due to arrive in a couple of days - it's not in any database I have found. I will let you all know what it is like when I get it. I am hoping it is somewhat like one (Musk for Men by Avon) I had when I was a teenager. It came in a bottle shaped like a rhombic prism and was STRONG. I remember quite vividly overapplying before going to see a play for school, the night was hot, I sat in the audience and the discomfit of the people sitting around me was palpable. Ah memories!
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