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I received an interesting mail from a customer in Singapore.

Hi Mr Dubrana
If you may recall, I purchased a 13.5ml bottle of your famous Ambergris tincture from you a few months ago.

I'm happy to share with you my experience with the Ambergris tincture.

First I shall describe what I smell from the tincture. To me, I instantly got a distinctly animalic smell when smelled off the bottle. It reminded me of the faecal smell of animal dung at the zoo! It shocked me at first, but surprisingly I did not find it offensive. In fact, I was so intrigued that I kept smelling it over and over again. I've let the tincture sit in my wine cooler for a while, revisiting the scent every now and then. Nowadays, I am starting to detect sweet undertones from the tincture, and the smell is as alluring as ever. To me, the scent of the tincture alone never lasted more than 10 min on my skin though.

Having heard a lot about the properties of Ambergris in perfumery, in particular its magical ability to prolong a perfume's longevity and to amplify and enhance the perfume's scent and character, I decided to conduct a little experiment on the one perfume in my collection that never lasts more than 1 hour (or even 30 min sometimes) on my skin - Creed's Millesime Imperial.

I transferred 1.5ml of Millesime Imperial into a small atomiser, and added about 20 drops (I know, this is probably too much!!) of your Ambergris tincture, and let the mixture sit for about 1.5 days. Yesterday night, I sprayed the original Millesime Imperial on one arm, and the "enhanced" verion of MI on the other arm. I gave it about 5 min before I smelled each arm in turn, and I was pleasantly surprised to find that the "enhanced" version of MI was noticeably brighter, almost sharper, almost jumping out in radiance! To make sure that I wasn't imagining things, I let my sister smell both arms without telling her anything about my experiment, and she immedaitely picked up on the "sharper" character of the "enhanced" MI. I should add that my sister is not a perfumista, and the fact that she managed to pick up on it says a lot!

And then comes the moment of truth - after I woke up in the morning, I took a shower, and went to work. When I returned from work 10 hours later, I could still smell traces of "enhanced" MI on my arm, while the other arm with original MI had long been devoid of any trace of the smell!

The above results make me even more convinced that Creed doesn't use any amount of real Ambergris in their perfumes contrary to what they may claim, since the original scent smelled NOTHING like the "enhanced" scent infused with real Ambergris!

I find this to be truly intriguing initial results, and I intend to experiment a lot more from now on.

Thank you so much!

I hope to be able to contribute and share with you my new discoveries in the future!

Yours sincerely,