Japanese Incense of the Day

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    4/30/13 at 1:09am

    Prince Barry said:

    Seeing as the forums have a sotd thread, I thought it would be a good idea to have an incense of the day thread on here. Rather than a new thread every day, just keep adding to this one.

    Today I have been burning Shoyeido's Baika-ju. Nice and smooth smelling with a creaminess kind of smell. A good quality incense for a bargain price.

    5/1/13 at 9:45am

    Prince Barry said:

    Today, it's Baieido's Syukohkoku. Love this one.

    5/2/13 at 11:42pm

    kyarazen said:

    Syokohkoku is lovely! i used to prefer the regular syukohkoku over the tokusen one, but after a while the tokusen grows on you.. so i'm ok with it now too

    5/3/13 at 12:24am

    Prince Barry said:

    I've never tried the Tokusen version, although I'm not sure if Nakata-san from Baieido may haave sent me a couple of sticks years ago.

    Today, it's the very basic Nippon Kodo's Shinsei Eiju..peppery wood scent.

    5/3/13 at 12:42am

    kyarazen said:

    whoops.. did i forget to include a sample in my package to you the last time?

    5/3/13 at 8:20am

    Prince Barry said:

    Not to worry.

    I have noticed something about a couple of sticks you sent. The Medicine Buddha from Nara smells like Shoyeido's En Mei and Sanjusangen-do could possibly be Baieido's Kaiunkoh. I will send u a private message.

    5/5/13 at 3:28am

    Prince Barry said:

    Burning one of Baieido's Ensei Aloeswoods, not sure which one, it's in a small vial that Nakata-san from Baieido once sent me.

    5/5/13 at 9:15pm

    Orgoglio italianO said:

    Sanjusangendo Incense

    And Later on will be burning (not Japanese,but)

    Goloka Nag Champa

    5/6/13 at 6:48am

    Prince Barry said:

    So you managed to get the Sanjusangen-do senko then Orgoglio?

    5/6/13 at 10:22am

    velvetseven said:

    My incense of the day was Shoyeido's Myoho. I bought a sample pack of 8 sticks of it a month or so ago, since it was noted by members of this board as a favorite. I didn't like it at first myself, though; it had what seemed to me a strange combination of very sweet and very bitter aromas, and where they intersected seemed to clash with my senses. I'm more used to it now, though, and i can approach its contrasts with greater equanimity and enjoyment.

    5/7/13 at 7:52am

    Prince Barry said:

    I have a single 5cm stick of that Velvetseven that I dare not burn for fear of falling for it.

    Today, I have just burned a stick of Koyasan Reikoh Sandalwood that Kyarazen kindly sent me. I ave fallen in love with this one, and typically, it's another one not available in the UK

    5/7/13 at 5:27pm

    Orgoglio italianO said:

    Prince Barry

    Yes i finally got some sample sticks a long time ago, i like it very much it has a licorice/Anise vibe mixed with Sandalwood & Spices.

    5/8/13 at 1:06am

    Prince Barry said:

    Nice one Orgoglio.

    I'm burning another Eiju Shinsei, but I just can't appreciate it at all. Something in it that just doesn't work for me, no idea what it is.

    5/8/13 at 4:33pm

    Orgoglio italianO said:

    I never tried Eiju Shinsei I wonder if its like Baieiedo's Kai un Koh

    5/8/13 at 11:36pm

    Prince Barry said:

    I've smelled Kai un Koh, but that smells nice. It's hard to describe the Eiju apart from it smells cheap...which it was lol.

    I was actually wondering if the Sanjusangendo was Kai un Koh in a different packaging?

    5/9/13 at 7:39pm

    tsuzumi said:

    I just tried Kyukodo's Azusa. It is a low-ender. The catalogue says the note is jasmine. To me it does not smell flowery, but it is clearly an oil-type fragrance rather than a wood. Still, nice for the money, and fairly good lingering power.

    5/9/13 at 10:39pm

    Prince Barry said:

    Tsuzumi, it sounds similar to their Ikaruga.

    5/10/13 at 9:22am

    kyarazen said:

    prince barry : nope!!!! :P

    the baieido's kai un koh is more patchouli/cinnamon dominant whilst the sanjusangendo's more camphourous, light musky ambery!!