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I am using Dior homme sport for summer. I would like to add a night scent for date purposes etc...

There seem to be a lot of night scents that aren't that great for summer, I would like to hopefully find one that is nice for summer but can also transition into my fall/winter scent.


I have worn Dior homme a lot, and i am not the biggest fan of the iris note. For some people it grows on them, but after a full week of wearing i wasn't feeling it, and even went back to it yesterday with the same result. So i assume Dior homme intense wont be the best option. (Though i thought I was sold on getting the entire homme line lol)


I am looking for a complement getter, but nothing too loud. I am not looking to turn heads, but more so have the scent complement my personality. I don't know if I want to smell like a food necessarily, though ill have to try A-men pure malt. Nothing wrong with sweet.


I am also trying to avoid the girly/unisex scents. I want to smell good, but not like a flower.


I am also 19, so youth takes factor. I feel like leather would be hard to pull off at my age.


Creed, MI and SMW were huge turn offs, so I am not a fan of green earthy smells.


I know i am being specific, but i feel like that will help anyone who feels like assisting me =D


(Sorry if people have seen me post a couple times, just trying to learn and research. And I feel like clarification and recommendation will hopefully lead me to where I want to be)