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i actually applied this fragrance early in the afternoon and i was in my house and not at the gym(i know)...i emptid a small amount into the palm of my hand and rubbed it in to both forearms...from the opening i get pure urinal cake...a very janitorial scent to be exact..smells like a clean urinal..i was a custodian before so i have smelled my share of different urinal cakes and urinal cleansing products...maybe about 5-10 minutes went by and it started to smell a bit more floral and powderyand the urinal cake odor went away..maybe 3-4 hours later it became a light skin scent that was slightly powdery..not bad, but not $7 i was happy to add it to my colection of classic barbershop scents..will i wear it on a daily basis...probably not...would this smell offend anyone..maybe if they smell you within 10 minutes of application..other than that it is mainly a industrialfloral powdery scent...btw...most women do not know what a urinal cake smells like or what a urinal cake is...true story i was talking to multiple girls at work regarding the issue and most dont know what it is..i would like to hear some womens thoughts on this fragrance.