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I am not sure if I am keeping it or not. The opening is really really nice. My wife loves the opening as well. I reminded us of a mix of Encre Noire, Cartier Declaration, and Terre D Hermes. Encre Noir I really like except the dark dirtyness of it. EN does have a bit of clean vibe to it which is what I really like/want. Sycomore's opening has more of that clean vibe and less dirtyness. Sycomore is something that I can wear year around. The dry down of Sycomore to me is too woody and sweet.

BUT for $130, I don't know if it is worth it. EN is much cheaper and I think the EN dry down is as good if not better than Sycomore. EN also seems more complex. Sycomore on the other hand blows EN away in the opening. I only sampled EN years ago (sample is empty now but I can still smell) but it seems to be something that I only use on rare occasions kind of like Narciso Rodriguez for him. NR I only where a few times a year. I just can't pull it off most of the time.


Price: EN $34 compared to Sycomore $130

Opening: Sycomore much better

Drydown: Encre Noire

Projection: EN

Longevity: Both last long but EN longer

Versatility: Sycomore

Complexity: EN

Should I keep it?

Can or does anyone where EN in the summer?