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I see Allure Homme Sport get a lot of love on this site while its younger bolder brother Eau Extreme is generally overlooked. My last review in favor of an under-appreciated scent for Prada Luna Rossa got a lot of positive feedback so I figured I'd do another one.

Firstly, I get that a lot of the flack for AHSEE comes from its name, which I agree is idiotic. Frankly I don't think it even shares enough in common with AHS to be a flanker to the flanker but that's just me. Having said that, I think it's a highly versatile fragrance (in fact possibly my most versatile besides GIT and Aventus)

The opening is mostly mint and mandarain and it's quite nice, if a bit heavier than one might expect from a "Sport" fragrance. This drys down and the mandarain fades into a secondary role behind the mint and the tonka bean. And oh my god TONKA. Just so much tonka. For me, that's a good thing. I'm partial to darker scents, either sweet, woody or incensy. Chanel managed to make one of those sweet scents into a Sport fragrance that's totally wearable.

The tonka sticks around pretty much as the main note for the remainder of this fragrances duration, but how long exactly that is is still up for debate. I typically get more than 24 hours with this on me, and decent, but never overpowering projection for close to 12. It's a beast in that regard. With such strong projection and longevity alongside such a sweet note I could see myself wearing this in the fall, and maybe even the winter along with the spring and summer.

Overall, AHSEE is a really quality, well blended fragrance with terrific longevity and silage that's wearable pretty much anywhere, and I think it gets completely overlooked in favor of its admittedly quite good, but not as versatile brother AHS