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Supreme Bouquet is just divine.
YSL Supreme Bouquet is an Oriental bouquet of flowers featuring radiant white blooms, "a blend of whimsical tuberose, exotic ylang and enigmatic jasmine. Their blossoms drenched in luscious fruit and animal scents, fully spread their opulence. As a counterpoint, the vibrancy of the ambery wood accord, musks and patchouli is an invitation to serenity."

Tuberose is the dominant note here. It is a bit fruity but not cloying and candy fruity.
It is clearly a tuberose but not a soliflore. The other white flowers (I can clearly smell jasmine) add a softer touch to it.

It starts out bold and piercing but then softens down.

The patchouli gives the flowers an earthy feel.

A very upscale creation really.

Quality ingredients and shifting between notes is excellent.