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Up until now, I have read repeatedly that Coty created not only the scent and ingredient combo, but coined the name for its 1917 LE CHYPRE.

However, recently plowing through GUERLAIN:LES FLACONS A PARFUM DEPUIS 1828, I find the following references in the complete list of Guerlain fragrances (over 600) in the rear of the book:

CHYPRE – 1840

CHYPRE 53 – 1948-1956


This would make Guerlain the creator of the name and creator of two scents under that name prior to Coty's creation, one 77 years prior, the other 8 years prior.

Could the experts have missed this??? Even if the actual juice produced by Guerlain did not contain the defining ingredients of what we know as the chypre genre, it is still erroneous to give Coty the credit for the name.

I would be interested in the reactions of other Basenotes experts on the above.