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I have been mailing decants to a friend of mine 3,000 miles away--North Carolina--and while I do have some "women's" scents in my collection, they are all "vintage"--ie, Jicky......

I feel guilty and want to send his wife a few decants. Could you ladies please let me know of anything that was released, say, within the last 10 years that youlove and is inexpensive?

I'm guessing this gal is not "refined" fragrance-wise but she is whip smart and knows what she likes. I think being an amatuerin frags she would probably be more comfortable wearing a scent that was well-known and popular and would lean towards a more, shall we say, "traditional" perfume as opposed to something that is really out there/abstract/artistic/...not the right words, but I would appreciate any responses.


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