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Prompted by a recent post in the O'Driu thread about a bit of random detritus found in a sample bottle, I thought I would share this horror with members.

Yes, a dead spider floating in a bottle of perfume. This, from a niche house charging top dollar for a luxury product, and apparently prepared 'in our laboratory'. One thinks of Dr Frankenstein!

Anyway, I returned it, along with the other bottles and samples I received, for a full refund. I'm not disclosing the company as they apologised profusely and refunded me quick-sticks, plus it's a small house that isn't one of the overhyped ones hereabouts. Hopefully their QC has improved since I got this last year. They said they would investigate etc. Actually at first they claimed that the courier did it as a prank, which is a bit far-fetched IMO!

I know it's only an incy-wincy one but I'm a semi-arachnophobe (thanks mum!) so wasn't best-pleased!

Can anyone top this?