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Hey all, i would like some assistance in buying a fragrance for my partner. I have asked her what kind of smell she likes and she has said woody, though i'm not sure she knows what she actually likes!! I have asked her to tell me her top 5 out of her collection and they are as follows:

Dior Addict

Creed LOve in WHite

Penhaligons Artemisia

Coco Chanel Madmoiselle


I then asked her if there was only one perfume in the world which would she have - Penhaligons Artemisia was the answer.

Based upon what she has told me i need some recommendations please.....she has ALL of the above already, as well as Miss Dior Cherie, Creed Love in Black (doesnt like any of the other creed lines), and some others i can't remember!

She would like something that is EXQUISITE and EXCLUSIVE......

I was thinking possibly Frederic Malle - Portrait Of A Lady or Carnal Flower....

Budget is around 300...i don't mind going buying 2 different bottles if need be.....