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Hello fellow VdN lovers

Is the Propellor bottle still being produced? Is the juice in the propellor bottle older than the one in the bottle below.

Mine is nearing empty and in panic I began to look for another source. I found one at Beauty Enhancement and they have a totally different bottle. Of course, it and Escentual are both in the UK, so that puts it out of the question for me in Australia.

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I'm finding it hard to source VdN from a reliable source, although Nieman Marcus have it in the Propellor bottle. Does anyone know any other places I can get it, other than Evilbay of course. There's also a weird seller called Perfume for Cheap who wants mid $400s. Too much in my view. I'm looking to buy for around $350.

A Google search has only found 4 reputable sellers, the two in the UK, NM and Bergdorf Goodman. With my birthday a couple of months away, I'm planning to ask for another bottle from David. So, I need to find a good source, at the best price.