Fragrance directory is terrible

    Fragrance directory is terrible

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    You used to be about to easily seach.

    There used to be info on that particular fragrance. year, perfumer, etc etc.

    You used to be able to click on the house within that particular fragrance review, and it would take you to all of the fragrances by that house.

    As "bad" as the site was before, at least you could do what you needed to do and things were easy to read.

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    I believe that this area is currently being worked on, so there should be an improvement soon :)

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    Hope so.

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    If you're viewing a certain perfume, you can go one level up for the house offerings.
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    And you can't click on the perfumer anymore and have it take you to all their frags
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    I hear you. It breaks my heart every time I've tried to nvigate thru this new site, it's beyond terrible. The old site was so user friendly and also fun. i loved the pyramid and all the other fragrances by whatever house you were looking at and the others from the same year right there on the right of your screen, it was perfection. This new format is so inferior.
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    Sadly, I agree. Hopefully it will be improved upon.
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    I noticed this while trying to do some searches
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    I keep having a go to see if I can use it but not managing.

    The blue info boxes need to be swapped to the top. This is a search directory so the hunting process needs to be in front of any results.

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    Mumsy - these issues were raised :(

    For instance, under 'Coco by Chanel, 1984' - scroll to page bottom (yes, really)

    At present, some 'House' info. links do provide the relevant info.

    Until all of the info. has been uploaded it won't be functioning properly is my best guess.

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    I don't like the way you have to click "more" to see an entire longer review. I would like all reviews to appear in their entirety as they used to. The current presentation makes it look like a big box store's review page or something like epinions.

    I imagine this cannot be done with the new format but thought I would mention it anyway.


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    Am I totally missing something, I don't see where you can search by fragrance note anymore. Is this just not live yet or am I daft?

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    Sorry, just replied to you on this thread - no you're not daft - it's a work in progress :)

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    Before the redesign, going to the reviews would bring you to the newest ones. Can you add "Most Recent" to the sort options for reviews?

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    @ major_works - just answered your question here - post #30

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    This website was always awkward to use imo, everything is here just not where you expect it to be and not easy to reach.

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    I agree. I have completely failed at my attempts to search for perfumes listed according to notes.
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    I think that they're still being uploaded, so it should hopefully work eventually.

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