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Hello all,


Enjoyed loitering on the threads for some time now. Great stuff. Thought I'd call in help as I'm really having a tough go at this.


I saved up and bought a bottle of Aventus. Hoping not to spark more debate on this specific issue, I'll just say that I am glad I believed the hype. In any event, the other colognes in my rotation are not very summer friendly and I am finishing up the very last of my TDH. I enjoyed it but I want to go another direction. Moreover, I don't want to grow tired of Aventus by wearing it perpetually. I still want it to feel kind of "special" when I reach for it. Whatever sense that makes.  


Alas, I am in the market for a complimentary scent that I can count on from now until it's time to break out the light sweaters again. My experience with quality fragrance is limited and my head is starting to spin reading review after review. To better help those in the know, I am in my mid-20s and a grad student. I also want to make it known that I can't touch the Aventus price point any time soon, as much as I'd love to toss around the idea of stocking up on the Creed house. I don't know how much this helps but when I do venture out, it's usually to spend the evening in NYC and I prefer restaurants/lounges/bars over nightclubs.


Finally, I am somewhat ashamed to admit it but I am partial to a cologne that is no stranger to compliments from the fairer sex happy.gif. I would surely appreciate a few recommendations for a relatively modest-priced cologne that will compliment Aventus and help me get through the summer.


Many thanks in advance!