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During my freshman year of high school, Abercrombie & Fitch just opened a store close by, so it was pre-Fierce A&F fragrances in addition to A&F clothes that were popular with students.

Sophomore year, students moved on to then-new citrus musk fragrances like Lucky You and Mugler Cologne (which was known as just "Cologne" at the time). We had "Who's on First"style skits in the hallways with Mugler Cologne wearers: "What kind of cologne is that you're wearing?" "Cologne."

By junior year, the aquatics took over, but mostly in the form of L'eau d'Issey Pour Homme - for some reason, I was the only one wearing Acqua di Gio. If you didn't like aquatics, Mambo was the go-to scent. This continued into senior year, though the incoming freshmen that year started using a new-to-America body spray called Axe to cover up body odor from Phys Ed class.

Then, I went to a small private college for a year. Three fragrances dominated: Cool Water, Tommy, and assorted Axe body sprays. That experience did not go well, and to this day when I sniff Cool Water, it brings back bad memories. A shame, as it's a good scent.

After that college didn't turn out, I went to (and graduated) from a community college. Not too much to sniff here, and if you did smell something, it was most likely a body spray. I was probably one of just a few on that campus wearing actual cologne.

After college, I got back into a more fragrant environment. Today, at my job, my coworkers wear several scents. These includeVersace Man Eau Fraiche (the favorite of our social media director), A*Men (chief web designer - he also has the Pure Leather flanker), and the now-discontinued Tommy Bahama Set Sail St. Barts (one of the art folks). But whenever I wear Straight to Heaven, most of my coworkers swoon over me, so that's what I wear most of the time.

And you?

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