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The mission should you choose to accept:

I am looking for some recommendations for a smell good after shower "sporty" fragrance I can wear around my office.

The situation (not the guy)

I work as a sports chiropractor. My office is inside of a large CrossFit gym. I usually work out, shower, and then go see patients. My office is airconditioned the box is not. It's in miami and it can get really hot and humid.†

What I use currently

Currently I switch between himalaya and green irish tweed the most. But I don't feel like they capture the environment. One of my favorite scents at the moment is Bois D' Argent but i think its too hot for that and also doesn't capture the setting.

Close but no cigars - Hermes Santal massoi and Gris Clair were both light and airy but didnt say sporty to me.

Other notable tries and fails.

*Chanel AHS, Bleu, Blanche

* Bonds Bleeker street, Coney Island and Montauk

* Leathers and Ouds went bad

*Acqua di parma Colonia assoluta made me feel like an old man, Mandoloro was too sweet as well as the same for Arancia Di Capri

*Before anyone says aventus it was too much for this setting

My thoughts

So after all this I think I need a true sporty fragrance (doesn't have to have the word sport in it at all, just capture the essence). Nothing heavy. Probably not going to be a gourmand. No ouds or leathers. Im thinking an qauatic might do the trick.†

Thoughts? Suggestions?