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I'm looking for a confident summerscent without the effect of people getting to think that i am a girly guy.

I'm 31 but more 24 in a way.

I own:

encre noire - to heavy and avantgarde for the summer. Also to cloying.

Vetiver hombre by dominguez: great, soapy vetiver but to shortlived

Mugler cologne: nice scent but gone too soon

Terre hermes: liked it but cant stand the rotton orange

kenzo air: is something like encre noire light. A like it. Maybe a little to sweet

so now; what might fit my bill.
I'm still student so i cant spend much on frags.

I'm a casual guy, with baggy cargos and white sneakers.

What about vettiveru or sel de vetiver?
Too unisex?