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Inspired by Monsieur's comment in the DHI thread:

As I've stated before and others have too, DHI is my man whore scent. I'm single, mid twenties, I dress quite well suave or what have you and DHI fits my persona perfectly when it comes to my self and the opposite sex

What's your "man whore" scent, specifically when you're on the prowl wherever you go to prowl (friend's party, bar, nightclub, outdoor concert, supermarket, laundromat, etc)? For whatever reason -- it makes you feel alpha, it gets the most female complements, it's edgy and daring and that's the message you want to send, whatever ... please include the reason as well, I'd like to know why it ups your game. I searched for similar threads before starting this, I have to think it's been done before many times, but didn't find it.

I'm fairly new to all this. The past few years my go-to has been Nautica Voyage (stop rolling your eyes), based on loads of female complements and faces-buried-in-my-neck moments... even though I don't love the scent myself. Coupled with my pimp walk, who could resist me? lol! I bought something like 15 samples/decants of other scents since starting to read BN a month or so ago, and am going through them one-by-one and getting feedback from trusted noses ... right now, considering switching my on-the-prowl scent to D&G The One for Men, since I like it better personally, it's a decent complement getter, and I think it just says something more sophisticated and natural than Voyage., Though I have a number of others I haven't tried out yet that may turn out to be contenders (La Nuit, Aventus, etc)

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