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I accidentally ran into an incredible amber at...drumroll...Winners! I'd never heard of Nest, who are apparently known for their scented candles, but there it was, staring at me, Maroccan Amber EDT...I thought "$9.99 on clearance, why not?"

It's an incredibly well done amber; incense, ginger and eucalyptus make this one of the most intoxicating scents I've yet encounter. Smells incredibly good on the skin and I found myself sniffing my wrist every 10 minutes throughout the day when I first applied starts, rather oddly for an amber, with citrus but morphs and develops into a gorgeous spicey amber with a good dollop of ginger.

It dries down to a sweet honey-like amber and kind of reminds me of a spicy Turkish desert called loukum. I'm admittedly a sucker for a good amber, I own and wear L'eau d'Ambre, Prada Amber and Eau des Baux, but this stuff hangs with the best of the, it has a fresh almost barbershop scent lingering in it with a smoky incense that is just breathtaking. Whereas the other ambers go straight to the candy shop with vanilla overload, this is a spicy clean crisp amber, an almost impossible scent. It has so many spices in there it conjures up a maroccan market perfectly, awesome awesome.

Longevity is a solid 6-8 from the week or so I've been wearing it and it works in all seasons. Light projection, but when it smells this good who cares! Apply more!!! Even at it's regular $50 price this is an absolute must own for any collector and amber lovers especially you need to just purchase without hesitation. It is unlike anything I've smelled and is the best amber I've tried.

I sniffed the others in the Nest line like Orange Blossom and Wasabi Pear, which are lovely feminines, but this is really the only safely masculine scent and honestly just a rare gem all around and fragrance wise out-classes its siblings in every way.

Smell-alikes? Smells a lot like Aveda Pure-formance for men (the Aveda store smell) and is a fraction of the cost.