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When I was at work the other day I was chatting with a friend about the cologne that I was wearing that day, which was Chanel Pour Monsieur. I love its warm luxurious scent, but she thought it "smelled old" and then went on to say that Goodwill reeked of similar scentts. This got me to thinking, and I replied to her that a cologne is no diffrent than the Swiss watches that we sell, or even a painting. Each perfume is the end result of the best efforts of one or several perfumers who do their best to create something from nothing. They try to capture feelings, or even a time and place with scent, and when they succeed, they leave something behind that's appreciated and enjoyed by millions of people, even long after they're gone. Chanel Pour Monsieur was created in the Mid-century, and yet here I am in 2013, enjoying its wonderful aroma. I'm not sure if I changed her mind about my choice of cologne, but I did feel pretty good about trying to enlighten my friend about vintage fragrances, and maybe even defending the honor of all those perfumers from long ago.