SOTD, Wednesday, May 22

    Notice about Huddler changeover here372184

    5/22/13 at 2:41am

    tdem1961 said:

    Hello everyone, Guerlain Aqua Allegoria Jasminora for me today.

    Wish you all a lovely day. xo

    5/22/13 at 3:24am

    hednic said:

    Unless by Panouge

    5/22/13 at 3:24am

    hednic said:

    Unless by Panouge

    5/22/13 at 4:10am

    JON RODGERS said:

    Good morning all !.


    Luxuriating with the wondrous Golden Chypre today, and feeling like a million dollars as a result happy.gif.









    5/22/13 at 4:21am

    kbe said:

    Tsar by Van Cleef & Arpels today

    5/22/13 at 4:32am

    ExtremeK said:

    Good morning, everyone smiley.gif I'm posting early this morning as I'm traveling for work today and tomorrow -- Chicago, but with no time to go sniffing cry.gif

    Thank you for the lovely photo, as always, Jon. It feels so good to finally shed those winter layers!

    I'm making good on the threat-in-jest that elizrj and I made before her trip: I've donned Sarrasins as my SotD, but one spray fewer than normal to sort of take account of those around me on the plane. happy.gif I love this leathery jasmine bomb!

    Everyone has been smelling lovely in their classics the last few days. They just don't seem to work for me. Sigh.

    5/22/13 at 4:33am

    ROBERTO said:


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    5/22/13 at 4:43am

    gandhajala said:

    Afternoon All,


    Jon - the Golden Oriole is a 'bogey' bird for me- never managed to see one (hoping I'll get lucky this Summer). Have you ticked it ? I hear Suffolk is the place.


    Ungaro II today.


    Happy Hump Day, everyone !

    5/22/13 at 5:02am

    easyfish said:

    Bonjour Mesdames!


    ... Michael (Kors) For Men

    5/22/13 at 5:04am

    Evangeline said:

    Hello everyone - 


    I'm in  Diorissimo this morning, vintage-70s edt. Y'all have a great day!




    5/22/13 at 5:08am

    donna255 said:

    Hello all.   Comme des Garcons 2

    5/22/13 at 5:21am

    cello said:

    ExtremeK, you and me both on the classics!  I try every now and then, but mostly they just don't feel like me to me :)


    Chanel 1932 again for me again, a one year old classic in my book :)

    5/22/13 at 5:28am

    Shiny Beast said:

    Rochas Man Intense




    5/22/13 at 5:46am

    sjg3839 said:

    Rive Gauche

    5/22/13 at 6:09am

    ErinK said:

    Good morning!!


    Cloudy, rainy day here. I am in Amouage Dia, which just smells like wonderful,glorious sunshine in a bottle to me.




    A good friend and coworker of mine walked into my cube and said, " smell good! Is that the same one you were wearing that night we went out?"  I was actually wearing Amouage Beloved that night, but she was pretty close -- got the house right! This is a friend who usually wears the latest Victoria's Secret fruity release, so I was pretty impressed!