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I love to Scent shop in Las Vegas as there are so many great places to shop! I have very limited access where I live, so this is always so much fun. I need to make my wish list for sniffing as it can get a bit overwhelming. I need a new light Spring/Summer scent. My go to favorite winter scents have been La Labo Vanille 44, Tom Ford PB Noir de Noir(only for evening as it's so heavy) and Botrytis by Ginestet. I've tried many florals by Creed (have Spring Flowers) and Jo Malone layering florals- but my allergies kick in. I'd like something that maybe has a light floral scent with a light spice, but am also open to a summery type gourmand since I seem to have good luck with my itchy nose with gourmands. I don't like powdery or soapy scents. Any suggestions,please?