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Hi everyone !

I need your help.

I' m looking for a nice, wearable and attractive perfume, in the aromatic-woody ( fougere ? ) category.

I like those great powerhouses from the '80s, as I could remember them...

There were some great sweet -woody- aromatic perfumes, and I like that mood, but I would prefere in a more modern vibe.

I don' t like the popular acquatic-ozonic fragrances from these days, I find them too cheap and without personality. I much prefere some more masculinity and character.

To list some exaples :

John Varvatos : nice, but too powerhouse-like

Penhaligon's Endimion : very nice, elegant and modern, but I find a chocolate note in it, and I don' t like chocolate

Mugler A*Pure Malt : too much gourmand

Mugler Angel : much worse than Pure Malt...

Creed Bois de Portugal : great, austere, warm...could be the ideal, but too oldish for my taste

Chanel Anteus : the same as above

Hermes Equipage / and Bel Ami : the same as above

YSL la nuit edt/edp : so so...

Dior Homme Intense : so so...

Chanel Allure : I don't like

M7 : too medicinal

Nasomatto Duro : too strong, too much patchouli and santal, too sticky

The powerhouses from the '80s I was used to appreciate :

Missoni Uomo ( discontinued) : wonderful

Trussardi Uomo : good , maybe too much leather

Sergio Soldano ( Black version) : very nice

Arrogance Uomo : nice, just a bit cheap...

Azzaro pour Homme : good, but I find it too oldish

I don't like :

Drakkar noir : too fougere

Ho ang club : too medicinal

Cacharel : too much mace/nut and pepper

Roma : too sweet

I love these ingredients : bitter orange- ginger- lemon


Sage- pine

Oakmoss ( my favourite wood ever) - Cedar

I don't like very much santal, and I can tolerate musk and amber only if listedjust insmall amount.

And in general I don' t like patchouli and incense. So, no oriental notes, please.

Just aromatic and sweet-woody, please, with a touch of floral.

Thank you in advance for you help and suggestions.