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Hello everyone!

My english is not my main language that I'm spoke so I will try my best hehe :)

Well, I live in Montreal, Canada, and Aventus in 120ml format are sold 320$ CAN (Excluse to well-known store like Holt Renfrew and Ogilvy).

I was browsing on fragrancex and I saw Aventus 120ml for 258$ CAN. I even saw it cheaper (don,t remember the site) at like 220$ or something like that so..... I was wondering, is it safe to buy from them? I mean, If they sell them at 320$ in stores, why the hell they are gonna lose money in selling them cheaper? Maybe its "old" bottle with bad batches?

I'm a but confused. Normally I buy at store because I know they are really safe and authentic but at 320$, its like almost 400$ with taxes so If can save money a bit on this it will be very nice!

So, how about the aventus online??

Thanks all!