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Hello, fellow Basenoters! I recently discovered Guerlain's incredible Eau de Guerlain and was (and am!) completely smitten. I like it so much I decided it may be worthwhile to test or blind buy Guerlain's other "eaus." I found for sale a "Veritable Eau de Cologne Imperiale Distilee par Guerlain" but could find no information about it on this site or any other.

I'd love to learn of your experiences with this fragrance and especially how it compares to Guerlain's other "eaus." I'd also welcome recommendations for other "eaus" (whether Guerlain or otherwise). In addition to Eau de Guerlain, I own Eau Sauvage, Rochas Moustache, and Roger & Gallet's Eau de Gingembere.

Many thanks in advance for your time.