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Hi guys.
I would like some suggestions about a sexy fragrance for clubbing.
I' m a single guy , 40 y.o, coming from a 7 years relationship, broken since 2 years, and not yet intended to start a new serious one...but....who knows ???
I' m intrested in 25-35 girls, I' m sophisticated and at the same time young looking, i mix up all, image a bald young man, athletic body, made to measure suits, silk oriental scarf on v neck t-shirt, and some street accessories, as hi ankle sneakers or military boots and beanie cap. Maybe a younger Sting...( not as beautiful, not as famous ( !!!) not as rich (!!!) like him ( eh eheh...!!!) , but you got the picture ....
In my free time, when not on vacancy, I use to go to cool restaurants and clubs, and even to underground live concert events too.
I love cytrus-aromatic-woody colognes. Now, my signature scents are : Mugler Cologne ( most for office use and country club, and also as a general refreshner in summer) - CdG Vettuveru ( more earthy and "organic", for spring and fall) and I' m looking forward to test Dior Granville...
So, my used fragrancies are very fresh and invigorating, very suited for daytime use, not offensive at all.
Now, I would like a perfume for my evil nightlife at clubs, bars, rave parties ecc....
I think it should be a sweet woody centered fragrance, with the wow factor. As for day use I wear fresh confident colognes, for night use I'd like a "magnet", something very distinctive and yummy, to make turn the head of the girls around....I don' t care if it's classy or mainstream, the most important is that the perfume is sexy, catching, and it works on girls...!
Anyway, I put down what I like and not like, just to have the things in focus.

I like : sweet wood, expecialy oakmoss. I like zest, especialy bitter orange.

I like only in small amounts : musk, ambre, incense, vanilla, leather.

I hate : patchouli. Chocolate. Mace, cinnamon.

The following are some perfumes I know are appreciated by girls in clubs, and these ones I don' t like :
Le Male
Acqua di Gio
Eau D' Issey
Chanel Allure ( all versions)
Egoiste- E. Platinum
Cool water
La nuit de l' homme
Musk ravageur
A Man
1 million
Givenchy p
I find them too popular, no personality, and simply I don' t like them. I don' t care if girls like them, I don' t want to wear them.

And here we have another list of perfume I know girls like too, and they coud be an option, cause I find them nicer than the ones above:
Byredo mr marvelous
Dyptique l' hombre dans l' eau
CdG Kyoto
GdG artkel standard
GdG palisander
CdG 3
D&g pour homme ( original)
Versace dreamer
John varvatos
Penhaligons Endymion
Dior homme intense
Creed Aventus
Tom ford tobacco vanilla
Arabian oud black musk
Costume national pour homme- scent intense
Escentric molecules escentric 1
One man show
Bulgari black
Carolina herrera 212
Guerlain l'istant edp
Fragonard cologne grand luxe

What do you suggest me in this second list above, as a "females attractor" for clubbing use ??
Have you other suggestions ?
Thank you !!!