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After a near marathon cologne sampling session with the most patient perfume seller in the universe, I bought a bottle of the discontinued Armani eau pour homme. The contenders were Aramis 900, YSL Kouros, the older version, Opium for men, and Dune by Dior.
Truth be told, the Armani was losing out to the others. I had sprayed some on the top of my wrist when I first started sampling and thought it harsh and too green, and so I sampled a few others that I'd read about here on Basenotes.
Slowly but surely, the others were knocked out of the running by the Kouros and I was all set to buy it, but another whiff of the Armani on my wrist brought that idea to a screetching halt. In the course of an hour it had changed from an overpowering Magnum P.I era frag into a beautifully smooth and classy scent. It reminds me a little of Chanel Pour Monsieur, which I really like, but not as thick. I put my money where my mouth was and plunked down my money and bought it, and am very happy with my purchase. I may however, still go back and pick up one of the others, probably the Opium for men just to balance my growing collection with something sweet.