Is it just me or are only half the number of people viewing Basenotes since the change over?

    Is it just me or are only half the number of people viewing Basenotes since the change over?

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    When I look at how many are viewing the Male Fragrance Discussion board there has been less than 200 at any time I have checked since the changeover.
    I remember seeing over 400 at a time a few weeks ago
    Is this something to do with the way data is collected or are people staying away in droves for the time being?

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    Is it just me or are only half the number of people viewing Basenotes since the change over?

    As there is general unhappiness among the ranks I think it's the latter.

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    My guess is many indeed have bailed due to all the new site issues.

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    It is easier to post from a mobile so maybe they will come back later. Perhaps they are waiting for the functions to return.
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    Plz come back peepz!
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    Hopefully, we'll be seeing them all soon smile.gif
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    It'll take time for ppl to get used to it. A lot of issues to be remedied on the new platform. I believe that in time things will straighten up.

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    I echo what everyone else has said.

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    Why is this upgrade such a DOWNGRADE????
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    Think the changes are not being felt by a lot of members. Just get use to it, and adapt.

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    Is it just me or are only half the number of people viewing Basenotes since the change over?

    I don't think so.

    Most times I'm online , there are , reportedly, at least 600 other people online too.

    At the time of writing this post:

    Currently, there are 598 Active Users (59 Members and 539 Guests)
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    I remember it taking me ages to get used to the old board afterBasenotes migrated from Yahoo.
    Might be the same thing here.

    If one uses a big computer screen, one might not notice much difference. On my smallish screen, things are noticeably smaller. But I'll get used to it.

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    It's really a cold, brutish looking site now. Just not that inviting. Works better for me, but ugly as sin.

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    Agree with Hedonist - I think that 'Guests' normally outnumber members, but it is just shown differently now.
    It is now possible to see where members are/have recently been too if 'View all' is clicked on at the bottom of the 'Who's Online' section of the Home page.
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    I noticed what seemed to be a dramatic decrease in posts...thought it was just me too.

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    Is Tapatalk and the likes working with the new format? Maybe that's another reason why some have bailed...

    I for one wish the wardrobe would get a proper migration, including the SOTD button. The look and feel though is definitely more modern. It's just hard to find where all the features went.

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    Please see Grant's post in Forum News 23 May

    Tapatalk issue being looked into btw smile.gif
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    I've gone through what the Basenotes team is currently going through in my line of work. Migrating a website to a new platform is an extremely time consuming and difficult process. It's very easy to forget components of the old website in transition. Listening to your users and fixing critical components and bugs is obviously a main priority for the first few months. My biggest learning from my own situation is you will always have people leave during the initial transition phase, some will not be happy, you just have to be prepared for that. There will always be people that are opposed to the change and unwilling to re-learn how to use a website. Those that tend to stick around are usually the loyal users, not a bad thing for us Basenoters. More users will continue to sign up and contribute while we loyalists will most likely be here for a significant duration as well. As long as I see the main contributors like hednic, alfarom, name a few are still sticking it out, I'll gladly stay a part of this community.

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