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I know this might seem ridiculous to those of you with a collection into three figures, but I'm trying to narrow mine down a little...and I only have 10. I actually feel a little embarrassed owning ten fragrances. If you had told me a year ago before this little hobby got started I would have had 17 or 18 (I've already given 7 or 8 away to friends and family) different fragrances I wouldn't have believed you. How addictive is this? Anyway, while I really enjoy the olfactory experience of getting to know lovely new scents, it's been pretty sore on my bank balance.

So, I'm hoping to scale down a little further but really feel it's now impossible as I have a well-balanced (to my nose anyway), fairly small and, yeah, probably "safe" collection. If you had to advise me one or two to ditch and maintain a balance what would they be?

Tom Ford Grey Vetiver Spring

Guerlain Homme L'Eau Booisee Spring

Mugler Cologne Spring/Summer

Chanel Allure Edition Blanche Summer

Dior Homme Sport Summer

Bleu de Chanel Summer/Autumn

L'Instant de Guerlain EDT Autumn

Lush Breath of God Autumn/Winter

Comme Des Garcons 2Man Winter

Dior Homme Intense Winter

Be keen to hear your thoughts.