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I know the new trend in scents these days focuses on the woody note of OUD and just about EVERY house is frantically trying to add oud to some of their product lines to come out with their own special OUD. I do realize that many of the Ouds out there are synthetic and not real and sometimes, to me, that doesn't really matter...It might to someone else but to me as long as it smells delightful, I dont really care.....However, I have two Ouds in my collection. I have MFK Oud (regular oud scent) and ADP's Colonia Intensa Oud and I've worn them a few time but they really don't seem to harbor many compliments....Do women find oud scents repulsive ? Idk....So, I'm guessing many of these OUD scents are really designed for the wearer and no one else to appreciate. And to some that is ok....I like to get the compliments so are the ones I have in my collection not good or something? They are very qood quality houses so it can't be that....Makes me wonder and I certainly DON'T want to flood my cabinet with oud scents...One or two is fine with me....

List some oud scents out there that you have received compliments from....preferably NOT from a 89 year-old lady