Is Just One Fragrance House Enough?

    Is Just One Fragrance House Enough?

    Poll Results: Do you use only ONE fragrance house?

    • 4% (1)
      Yes, I'm brand loyal for various reasons
    • 28% (6)
      No, I have specfic needs not provided by one house
    • 66% (14)
      I don't think like that. Don't box me IN or OUT!
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    Is it possible to find ALL of your needs in just one house?

    Should we attempt to find all of our fragrance needs from just one house?

    If you're looking for fragrances for Work, Casual, Church, Clubbing and/or Dating, is it customary or advantageous to stick with just YSL or just Giorgio Armani or just Chanel for all of your needs?

    It seems that each house has each category like a sweet, a fresh, a dark, a gourmand, an attempt to foster "brand loyalty". Is that correct?

    Do people find one house makes a base formula where everything they produce works with their body chemistry?


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    Personally, I could exist with only one house, and it would be Chanel (must include Exclusifs). But I really would rather not have too. Thereare just too many interesting fragrances out there to explore. But it does help that I have a solid foundation of scents from myfavorite house to comfort me on my grandjourney:)

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    For me, no.
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    Depends what your needs are but for me variety is the spice of life and I could just not stick to one fragrance house.

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    It's all about the fragrance!

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    I prefer variety. However, I could easily live with all of the offerings from Chanel and Comme des Garcons.

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    Probably, one could do not just with one house, but with one scent (that was the old idea of a signature scent). But as others have pointed out, it's not a matter of need, but of variety. If one likes a perfume from a different house, why limit oneself?

    Some houses do try to cover different bases, but not all. In any case, it's hard to think about brand loyalty nowadays, when most perfumes are composed by the same aromachemical companies, smell the same, and are perfectly substitutable on the store shelves.


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    This --->>>

    Originally Posted by Jack HunterView Postfor me variety is the spice of life and I could just not stick to one fragrance house.
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    i love muglerbut their are no aquatics/fresh scents in his lineup. that would be the closest house but no.

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    Wouldn't sticking with one House be too restrictive to experience?

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    Serge Lutens almost hits the all-encompassing target for me. Lots of variety, something from every genre and excellent quality. But as with most houses, they have their own signature 'feel' and that can make me feel a bit boxed in if I stay with it for too long. As much as I admire those who have a stoic loyalty to one house, there is so much that would be missed out on by staying loyal to one house.
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    Personally, I could be fine living the rest of my life with just wearing Creed fragrances.

    However, I wouldn't want to because there are other houses I like a lot as well.

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    It could be done, but as everyone is correctly pointing out, variety of the spice of life...
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    In principle I would never restrict myself to one house, but in practice I have to admit that Slumberhouse is currently dominating a massive part of the rotation.

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    I think I could probably wear Xerjoff or Frederic Malle forever...
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    I do like a lot of Hermes fragrances but would never be boxed in.

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    If forced to only one it would be Guerlain

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    Creed gives me pretty much everything I want, bar a good gourmand, I guess?

    I'm happy I don't need to just select one house, though I guess I could and I think I'd have Creed because I really like a lot of the fragrances they produce. Might also be Dior / Prive. Awesome stuff ...

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