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Excuse bad spelling, as I don't remember the names, but at my local Sephora, I tried 3 Jardin fragrances from the Hermes line (Nil, Mediterranee, and Toit).


Toit is clean, soapy and a little on the feminine side.  Smells a bit like shampoo, kind of generic.  Very fresh, pleasant.


Nil is fresh, green, floral, some citrus.  With a noticeable amount of smoky incense


Med  was fresher than Nil, but had more of a base to it than Toit


It's hard to describe these fragrances any further since they don't really do much out of the ordinary.


When it comes to Jardin fragrances, I like Creed's Jardin (d Amalfi) much better.  But these are still nice.


None of these three are significantly better than the others, but I think I would rate them 3.5/5 across the board and say that maybe Med was my favorite.


For $90 to $120 a bottle, I'm not really all that sure I would buy them, especially considering what else is in that range.  You can get Desert Marocain with $100.


I like them.  I just don't love them.