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Ok, not really... I don't hate niche

I do like some niche scents, but I also find a lot of them repulsive, more so than some of the bad designer scents.

I think that may be part of the game when you smell niche scents. Because the perfumers are more likely to do things with a little more creativity, its just as likely to wow you as it is disgust you. Designers are generally more likely to be in the middle. Not to say I'm not wowed and disgusted by some designers, but I feel niche has more of a polarizing effect.

Some of my favorite scents are niche. I love my MI, , GIT, Bleeker Street, Atlier Grand Neroli, Aqua di Parma Colonia Essenza, Vetiver Tonka, Amber Narguille, Unknown Pleasure, etc... . But I also completely hate some others like Riverside Drive (Basil? wtf?), MFK Amyris (Whatever Amyris is, I don't like it one bit). But with designer summer scents, I either like or am neutral with just about all of them. I would much rather wear one of my least favorites of designer summer aquatic (D&G light blue) which is still average overall, over some of the niche that I hate.

so while some of my all-time favorites are niche, I think on AVERAGE, I may like designer scents more, both to smell, and to smell like. curious to see if others feel this way.