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Reading so many reviews on here and people stating they "only get 4-6 hrs" out of a certain scent, it made me kind of stop and think about the modest scent collection I've accumulated this far(low 80's)and how long most last. And I can honestly say that I feel very happy with a scent and more than exceptable imo when I can till detect it on me after 4-6 hours.(not having to put my nose right up against it that is;)

Perhaps I have this mind set because even though I grew up in the powerhouse era, I didn't get into scents heavily until just a few years ago, so maybe I've accepted 4-6 hrs as very good because they make scents weaker on average than they used to?

Like all of us, I have poor performers that I get a couple hours out of if I'm lucky.(looking at you specifically KC Reaction!) And others that last seemingly forever.(Silver Scent, Le Male, 1million)

Don't know if all this makes sense or just seem like a rant but these are thoughts pouring out of me as I type! So in your opinion, do you consider 4-6 hours longevity poor, average, good?

Thanks in advance for your thoughts and opinions!smile.gif