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On a unrelated thread I started earlier today, I got inspiration from a poster(shout-out maarken:)about when does collecting fragrances go from being a hobby to an addiction?

I mentioned in that other thread that I'm pretty new to the fragrance hobby and have a modest collection of around 80 bottles. Truth be told, most of which have been acquired in the last 1-2 years. Which I thought for this community would be considered fairly "modest" until I got called out on it in good fun.

Is it wrong that I know my mail carrier, Fed-Ex, and UPS man all on a first name basis?!wink.gif Seriously though, a week doesn't go buy where I don't get at least one(and 2 or 3 is much more likely)scent delivered to this normal?! Are there any other Basenoters out there who can relate, or do I need to check myself into a 12 step fragrance addict program?!

Fwiw-this is a pretty cheap hobby/addiction vs. some of my former clubs and guns prior to finding this amazing and fun community!