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Hello everyone, great forum you have here. Just starting out in fragrances, and have been reading the forum for a little while. Not sure if this post should be in 'Just Starting Out' (mod - please move if necessary thanks).

Anyway, I just received my order from fragrancenet today. Ordered last Sunday, read a bunch of horror stories on hereand was definitely concerned, especially since they used SmartPost. The tracking number said it was supposed to be delivered NEXT Thursday, but somehow it showed up on my doorstep today! :)

One of the items I ordered was Tommy Bahama Set Sail St. Barts, however, what I received was only named St. Barts without the Set Sail. The bottle is slightly different than the original, and it smells a little different than the one I smelled in the store.Looks like Tommy Bahama licensed this out to 'Five Star Fragrance Company'. I don't have any doubt about the authenticity of this product, but I was wondering if they reformulated it? Still smells pretty good to my noob nose, but it's not very strong at all. Any info or help would be greatly appreciated.